The CDO Playbook is an iterative document that explores and defines the evolution of the federal CDO role. It provides new and existing CDOs with guiding principles, opportunities for quick wins, and best practices to navigate some of the key areas that CDOs should focus on today and over the next few years.

The CDO Council’s Data Skills Working Group (WG) created this playbook of four key “plays” which draws from successful practices in both industry and government. It is advice from CDOs to other CDOs, hence you will notice the informal tone and admonitions of what ‘you’ should consider. It leverages and cites concrete examples from federal CDOs on how they have applied specific strategies and approaches to make progress in each Play to deliver value in this evolving role as a change management leader.

To prepare this playbook, a small working group of CDOs from both large and small agencies participated in discovery meetings to understand how they define their role based on each of their experiences. Their successes, agency culture, pain points, and understanding of data management were assessed to recommend and agree on the four key plays. There is no one-size-fits all approach to the strategies a CDO will execute against these plays and no specific starting point. They are highly interrelated an`d are not prescribed in any order, instead quick wins to demonstrate value are possible from any point throughout all the plays. The information provided unearthed commonalities among people, process, technology, and data distinctions prevalent in many agencies. This playbook is meant to be illustrative and insightful for recognizing value-based opportunities for any agency.

The plays

Play #1

Cultivate strong relationships to partner on solving mission problems with data.

Play #2

Promote data sharing and break organizational silos.

Play #3

Build a data-driven culture by taking the lead to improve data literacy and acumen within your agency.

Play #4

Drive transformation through a mission focused data and analytics strategy that can influence the enterprise-wide business strategy and answer key agency questions.